Gateway Mortgage Group Breaks a Sweat with Tulsa-Area First Responders

TULSA, Okla., August 23, 2018 – Executives and employees from Gateway Mortgage Group, founded by Kevin Stitt, hit the gym with local firefighters and police officers as part of the company’s commitment to support the Fit First Responders program.

Gateway donated $36,000 to help Tulsa-area first responders access personal training, nutrition planning, chiropractic care and life coaching.

The Fit First Responders Foundation was founded by Jonathan Conneely, known as Coach JC, to help emergency response personnel manage the physical and mental demands of their jobs.

“This program has drastically changed my life for the better,” said Catoosa police officer Denise Henry. “The physical training, help with nutrition and one-on-one coaching have improved my mental state and physical health. The support from people at Fit First Responders and the reinforcement from other people working out beside me encourage me to keep going.”

Coach JC and his staff provide a valuable service for keeping first responders healthy, but they also help the greater community. The program was designed to reduce sick days and job-related injuries, which decreases the amount of money a city spends on worker’s compensation claims.

Gateway Mortgage Group Chief Community Engagement Officer Hobie Higgins said the company is committed to supporting emergency workers.

“First responders work hard to protect us and save lives, often putting their own health on the back burner,” Higgins said. “Gateway is honored to give back to a group of individuals who do so much for the people around them.”

The partnership with Fit First Responders is part of the company’s “Gateway Gives Back” program, which will reinvest $275 million in communities throughout Oklahoma over the next five years. The program will focus on providing mortgage financing in low- to moderate-income communities while partnering with nonprofits that support community development and strengthen families.

Kevin Stitt said the company collaborates with nonprofits that support community development and strengthen families.

“The entire Gateway family wants to thank our first responders for all the sacrifices they make to keep our cities and towns safe,” Stitt said. “Police officers and firefighters play an essential role in our communities, and we are proud to provide the resources they need to stay healthy and productive.”


About Gateway Mortgage Group

Gateway, founded by Kevin Stitt, is one of the largest privately held mortgage origination and servicing companies in the United States. Established in 2000 and headquartered in Jenks, Oklahoma, the company employs more than 1,200 team members in over 160 offices nationwide and currently services $17 billion in residential mortgages. For more information about Gateway, visit Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC (NMLS 7233).