Non-Qualifying Mortgages

Non-Qualifying Mortgages are a group of loan programs that serve a specialized set of individuals and their personal circumstances. These loans may have different and unique ways of qualifying borrowers, accepting non-traditional income or documentation, allowing higher debt-to-income ratios or even offering larger loan limits than traditional mortgage loans.


Is It Right for You?

Generally for borrowers with good credit who have unique financial situations or highly specialized mortgage needs; may include the self-employed, real estate investors, high net worth individuals, new medical doctors, foreign nationals seeking to purchase a home in the U.S. or others looking to finance a mortgage loan larger than their areas conforming loan limit.


Is It Right for Your Situation?

Primary residence, second homes and investment properties, single family and 2-4 unit properties, condos and townhomes, and Planned Unit Developments (PUDs); maximum loan amounts up to $2,000,000.


Features and Benefits

  1. Wide range of credit and income qualifying requirements
  2. Flexible terms such as higher loan limits and relaxed debt-to-income ratios
  3. May consider liquid assets, and non-traditional income or documentation
  4. Accommodates most residential property types
  5. Fixed-rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) available


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