USDA (Rural) Home Loans

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) loans are perfectly suited to make homeownership more accessible to people living in less populated areas. And because the loans are insured by the U.S government through the USDA, you can expect more favorable rates along with many other benefits.


Is It Right for You?

A great choice for people living in defined rural areas who have low- to moderate-income and minimal funds for a down payment and closing costs.


Is It Right for Your Situation?

Primary residence, single family and 2-4 unit properties, condos and townhomes, and Planned Unit Developments (PUDs); maximum loan limits are set by the USDA.


Features and Benefits

  1. No down payment required
  2. Flexible credit qualifications for a wide range of borrowers
  3. Seller contributions and gift funds are allowed
  4. Closing costs and upfront private mortgage insurance may be financed
  5. Fixed-rate term for 30 years
  6. No first-time homebuyer requirement


Whether you live in a rural area or simply want to live away from the city and enjoy the slower pace of a country lifestyle, USDA loans provide options that appeal to first-time homebuyers and those who have owned a home before. As long your income and the home you want to purchase meet the USDA’s criteria, this loan may be just right for you.

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