Down Payment Protection

Gateway offers access to a revolutionary program where your down payment can be protected from risk of loss if you need to sell during a downturn in the housing market. This valuable option protects your down payment during years 2-7 and is available on most Gateway mortgage products.


Is It Right for You?

A smart option for any homeowner, but especially suited for buyers in a booming real estate market who may sell their home in the next 2-7 years. This unique option is available on a wide variety of Gateway mortgage loan programs (Conventional, FHA, VA).


Is It Right for Your Situation?

Primary residence, single family, condos, and Planned Unit Developments (PUDs); loan amounts up to $453,100 or based on County High Balance Limits.


Features and Benefits*

  1. Safeguard some or all of your down payment
  2. Down payment may be covered (up to 20%)
  3. Cost can be rolled into your mortgage
  4. No out-of-pocket costs at closing
  5. Loss of down payment reimbursed through home inspection free process usually taking 30 days or less


When it comes to buying a home, saving for your down payment is a huge accomplishment. The Down Payment Protection program can give you peace of mind by protecting your hard work against the unpredictable highs and lows of the housing market. It’s just another way Gateway Mortgage enhances your homebuying experience.


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*Down Payment Protection by Gateway Mortgage, a division of Gateway First Bank is distributed by PVI Agency, LLC which is not affiliated with Gateway Mortgage. Some restrictions apply, see local Mortgage Center for details.