I have a high net worth or non-traditional income

What if I have a high net worth or non-traditional income?

Home ownership is for everyone. If you have high net worth or non-traditional income, specialized loan types may be what you need to get the home you want. Read through the options listed below, then reach out to us when you’re ready for more details on your plan of action.

Alt Doc

This solution has different approval standards and can provide tremendous flexibility for certain borrowers who are able to demonstrate the ability to repay a mortgage loan, but cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage due to their unique situation.


Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans (also called non-conforming mortgages) are not only used to finance luxury properties, but they also play a vital role in expanding homeownership to people who live in high-cost housing markets where prices are above the national average.


Expanded Ratio

Gateway’s Expanded Ratio program uses alternative means to qualify homebuyers when it comes to evaluating their ability to repay a new mortgage loan.


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