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Your Mortgage + Technology

Applying for a mortgage can be simple

When the power of today’s technology meets the personalized service of a professional right in your backyard, great things can happen. LinkStep is Gateway’s digital loan tool that is designed to walk you through the loan application in a few simple clicks and taps. It’s intuitive, easy, and even enjoyable – which is what securing the home of your dreams should be.




Apply and manage your mortgage application from any device, anytime from anywhere.



Collect, connect and organize your bank statements, tax records and other relevant documents with ease.



Robust security and state-of-the-art technology keeps your information secure. Document uploads are seamless and safer than email, fax, or postal mail.



Streamlined and simplified so you don’t miss a single step of the process – and don’t get lost along the way.




It’s just one of the many ways Gateway enhances your home loan experience.