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Your mortgage is an important part of your overall financial picture. And choosing Gateway to help you regularly evaluate your mortgage is a smart decision.

Many people simply pay their monthly mortgage bill without exploring how easy it could be to have a lower payment, shorten the life of their mortgage or even possibly lower their overall debt payments.


Our Mortgage Consultants can help you:

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Evaluate your current mortgage loan

Gateway Mortgage Consultants are closing loans every day. This means they are expertly equipped to keep you informed of where interest rates are today, what specialized programs may be available, and they can help determine if refinancing your current mortgage loan is right for you.Is now the time to:

  • Lower your monthly payment?
  • Move from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate?
  • Pay off your mortgage faster?
  • Consolidate first and second mortgages?

When you need reliable answers from expert, local professionals, turn to a Gateway Mortgage Consultant today. They are your gateway to reliable answers and financial solutions that make sense.

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Determine a refinance strategy

There are many factors to weigh when you are considering whether or not to refinance your existing mortgage loan. Things like:

  • Current rates and available programs
  • Your lifestyle and personal financial situation
  • How long you plan to stay in your home
  • How to handle the costs of refinancing
  • Current value of your home

And with Gateway, you can rely on professionals who take a careful approach to matching you with a customized mortgage solution that is simple, efficient and smart.

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Access your home’s equity

Your home’s equity can offer a tremendous amount of flexibility for a number of purposes or significant life events:

  • Pay off high-interest credit cards or loans
  • Consolidate many debts into one
  • Fund important family expenditures (college tuition, wedding, vacations, etc.)
  • Improve your home (renovations, add square footage, pool, media room, etc.)

The choice is yours and we can supply the smart options to help meet a variety of needs. Ask a Gateway Mortgage Consultant about how best to access the equity in your home today.

Depending on your personal situation and needs, refinancing your mortgage can be a smart decision that provides a number of benefits, And at Gateway, you can ensure the process will be simple, efficient and enjoyable.

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