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What does it mean for you to engage a full-service mortgage lender like Gateway? In short, mortgages are all we do and everything related to your mortgage happens in-house.

Since Gateway Mortgage Group is a mortgage company that has direct relationships established with Fannie Mae (FNMA), Ginnie Mae (GNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHMLC), we are not encumbered by multiple investor overlays that can impede competitive pricing, efficient processing and loan servicing expertise.


Everything happens in-house

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Since we fund your loan directly from our balance sheet, we can offer competitive rates and closing costs that many mortgage firms simply cannot.
Underwriting, Processing, Closing
In addition to funding our own loans, all operations that are related to your loan occur in our offices. This is why we can ensure quick and reliable loan closings, accurate closing documents and in the rare instance when changes need to be made, we can do that quickly too.
Unlike most mortgage companies, we are committed to servicing the loans we originate. Not only does this have a positive impact on the rate we can offer on your mortgage loan, you can expect to work with us, and only us, throughout the life of your loan.

Four easy steps gets you the mortgage experience you deserve!

Mouse over each step to learn how simple it is to get a Gateway mortgage.

Step 1

Selecting the right mortgage solution can be simple. If you are looking for a low monthly or down payment, an option that pays your loan off quickly or even specialized mortgage programs, we can help.
Step 2

Preparing for your loan approval comes a bit easier with a Gateway Mortgage Consultant on your team. They will help you understand how to make your loan application process smooth and enjoyable.
Step 4

Our objective is to close loans accurately and on time. And since everything happens in-house, we will prepare your loan documents and forward to the title company for your scheduled closing date.
Step 3

Once you supply your supporting documents, the Gateway Team works vigorously behind the scenes to supply you with quick answers and a streamlined process you can count on.


And Gateway won’t leave you after your loan closes. We service the loans we originate. So this means you can count on the Gateway commitment to provide exceptional service throughout the life of your loan.

Ask your Gateway Mortgage Consultant about some other benefits of working with a full-service mortgage lender like Gateway. You’ll find we are the right lender for you now and into the future.

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