Home ownership builds strong communities

Owning a home is the foundation of the American Dream and the communities we live in. So whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner, we promise to be your gateway to the mortgage experience you deserve.

Although obtaining a mortgage is fairly straightforward, selecting the right lender is equally as important as choosing the ideal home for you and your family. And the personal choice of being a homeowner comes with many considerations.


Our Mortgage Consultants can help you:

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Understand and select the best solution to meet your needs

Even for the most experienced homeowner, access to a trusted professional is invaluable when evaluating the wide array of mortgage programs available today.Is a fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) best for you? Do government programs like FHA, VA or USDA solutions make sense? At Gateway, you can count on highly experienced Mortgage Consultants who are experts at helping you navigate today’s ever-changing home mortgage landscape.

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Determine a down payment strategy

This is a key part of your overall mortgage strategy. Traditional lending standards require 20% down, but some mortgage programs only seek 3.5% or even 0% down within some specialty lending programs.The amount of your down payment can affect your interest rate and monthly payment, as well as things like required mortgage insurance and closing costs. Partnering with a Gateway Mortgage Consultant is a smart financial decision that will help you select the best strategy to maximize all the benefits of your mortgage loan.

Learn how much house you can afford.

Increase your bargaining power

Did you know getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan can increase the strength your offer holds with sellers when buying a new home? It also helps save you time to know exactly how much house you can afford so you don’t waste time looking at homes outside your price range.If you are serious about purchasing a new home, our Mortgage Consultants are serious about making your home buying experience simple and efficient.

Get pre-approved today!

Considering a new home purchase is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime, and it’s true that there are many steps from start to finish.

When you partner with Gateway Mortgage, you can take comfort in knowing we will keep you informed and on the right path from application throughout the lifetime of your loan.

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