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Founded by J. Kevin Stitt in February 2000 and headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Gateway Mortgage Group has become one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the country with offices in more than 23 states.

Since inception, Gateway has consistently demonstrated healthy growth and has been recognized as an industry leader based on overall revenue growth and creation of new jobs (INC Magazine, INC 500 List – 2006, 2007 and 2013).

History of Gateway Mortgage Group

2.25.13 Gateway-timeline

From our strong roots as an Oklahoma-based mortgage broker to our current status as a national, industry leading mortgage banker, Gateway serves the needs of thousands of customers and their billions of dollars’ worth of mortgage loans.

Since 2009 alone, Gateway Mortgage Group has more than quadrupled its total mortgage volume (originations).

Annual Mortgage Origination Volume

2014 Gateway Origination Volume





But we are committed to serving our customers for life, and understand originating a mortgage is just the first step in meeting the needs of a homeowner.

In July 2010, Gateway Mortgage Group decided to move all mortgage servicing in-house and we now service more than $2 billion in residential mortgages. In short this simply means mortgage loan customers will work with Gateway until the time their loan is paid off.

Mortgage Servicing Portfolio

2014 Gateway Servicing Portfolio





Although we are proud of our heritage and accomplishments, Gateway Mortgage Group remains true to a strong set of values and its roots as a community-focused lender. We understand each customer, and every Gateway employee is a member of a family and a local community.

One of our greatest responsibilities is to not only empower the American Dream of homeownership but to also make a positive impact on local communities and those less fortunate.

Giving Back

Gateway Mortgage Group believes strongly in its obligation to demonstrate leadership at a local, national and global level. In addition to regularly donating to churches and charitable organizations that meet the needs of those who need it most, Gateway’s dedication also extends to benefit people all over the world.

Recently, a donation from Gateway helped build a school in a small village in Northern Nigeria that educates more than 300 students. Gateway’s leadership also elects to provide a monthly donation to the Maisha International Orphanage in Kenya.

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