2018 GMG Sales Rally FAQs


 Can I book my flight outside of Concur?

It is suggested you use Concur, otherwise consult with your direct manager if you wish to book travel outside of Concur.

How much is it if I want my own room?


When should I arrive?

Please arrive to the InterContinental Hotel Addison (Dallas) no later than 3:00 PM on Monday, February 19th.

What time should I book my departing flight home?

Please book your return flight out of Dallas for Wednesday, February 21st departing at 4:00 PM or later as the conference will end at 1:30 PM.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel and vice versa?

Gateway will have an Uber account active for you during the event, you can use this or a taxi service to get to the hotel. Returning to the airport from the hotel we will have bus transportation upon meeting commencement.

What if I need to add an additional night stay at the hotel?

If you are planning to arrive at the hotel earlier than Monday or stay later than Wednesday, we can make your reservation for you at the same hotel for the additional days — please just indicate which day you are arriving and departing.  We will notify you of the additional guest room charge which you will pay to the hotel directly.

Do I have to add the flight information in order to complete registration?

You do not have to include your flight information, however it is helpful if we know your flight information to ensure a smooth experience transporting from the airport to hotel and vice versa; booking flights now is strongly encouraged for  best availability and price.

Can I expense registration fees?

The $119 registration fee and the optional $199 fee for a single occupancy room are not allowed to be submitted on expense reports for reimbursements.  Expense reports that are submitted with these items will be returned for correction.  These items can be deducted as an unreimbursed employee expense on your tax returns.

Can I buy 1st class?

Up to you, but you will only be reimbursed up to $450.

What should I wear?

All events are business casual to dressy business casual (no jeans). All events will be inside, outside exposure will be minimal, but checking Dallas weather prior to packing is always a good idea. Please remember that meeting room temperatures can be either cool or hot environments. Layered clothing such as a sweater or jacket is suggested.

More Questions?

Additional questions on booking travel or expense reimbursement, contact ConcurHelp@GatewayLoan.com.

Any other inquires, as always you can contact Marketing@GatewayLoan.com.

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